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Brides Kitchen Salt Lake City has both ivory glazed and white porcelain.

Each piece has been carefully hand-crafted and decorated to achieve a timeless balance between function and artistry. Together they give you an investment you can enjoy as much for its beauty as for its value - today and forever.

Fine China

What is Bride's Kitchen Full Lead Crystal?

  • The highest and most precious form of the art of glass making
  • A work of art to admire and acquire
  • Representative of an art form more than 3,500 years old
  • Created and made by a team of people who really care
  • Made of carefully controlled mixture of the finest lead, borax, soda, ash, special sand and cullet
  • Distinguished by its high luster and clarity
  • Known by the sound of lingering musical ring when tapped
  • A beautiful accompaniment to complete your Brides Kitchen vision of harmony


Timeless Harmony In Full Lead Crystal

Individuality. Probably your most valued quality. Few occasions express its essence as well as dining and entertaining. A table set with your Brides Kitchen full lead crystal is a timeless expression of your taste and style. Each piece is so breathtakingly delicate – so uniquely individual – it leaves no question of who you are. Your Brides Kitchen crystal will speak for your discriminating taste.


Quality to be Enjoyed for a Lifetime

A work of art to be admired, acquired, and enjoyed for a lifetime. Only an object expressing the highest quality and creativity can be called art. And only if it withstands the test of time. Brides Kitchen full lead crystal represents a heritage of glass making dating back more than 3,500 years. A tradition of quality and pride handed down through history endures today in our timeless designs and painstaking workmanship.


Each piece of Brides Kitchen crystal is a result of a caring team of people. Their pride and skillful artistry, our uncompromising product standards and quality control are the hallmarks of Brides Kitchen full lead crystal. Only an object of highest quality and creativity can be called art. When you acquire Brides Kitchen full lead crystal, you acquire a work of art to be shared and enjoyed for a lifetime.

Hand Crafted Crystal

About Brides Kitchen China and Cookware

Brides Kitchen was founded with the goal of providing the very finest china, crystal, cutlery, and tableware available. Our commitment to you is that you will enjoy your investment not only today but for many years to come.


Our Warranty is one of the best because any piece defective in material or
workmanship will be replaced at no charge.

Skilled handcrafted workmanship ensures the permanent quality and value of your Brides Kitchen china, crystal, tableware, casual ware, and cutlery. There is no "perfect" piece of any handcrafted product and slight variations are regarded as desirable.


HALF PRICE REPLACEMENTS: Any piece damaged under any circumstances can be replaced at one half of retail price at the time of replacement.


LIFETIME PATTERNS: Brides Kitchen warrants your pattern to be permanent and open stock, available for lifetime replacements.


EXCHANGE POLICY: A Brides Kitchen pattern can be exchanged for up to five years if the pattern is unused and in original packaging. The price differential (if any) is based on the retail price at the time of exchange.
It is possible a Brides Kitchen pattern might be unavailable due to circumstances beyond anyone's control. Should this ever happen, you would have the option to exchange for a current Brides Kitchen pattern.

High Quality Cookware

Worry About the
Food, Not the Cookware

Most cookware falls into one of three categories: stainless steel cookware with an aluminum core, stainless steel cookware with an aluminum slab bottom or nonstick. Each has its pros and cons, but amateur and intermediate cooks at home and expert chefs alike prefer stainless steel cookware with an aluminum core.


Brides Kitchen Ultra is high quality surgical-grade stainless-steel cookware manufactured in the USA by Vita Craft® with a balance of precision engineering, ingenuity, and artisanship perfected over 70 years of making quality cookware collections. Brides Kitchen Ultra is the first and only fully 9-ply cookware and is finished with the most innovative handles and knobs in the industry. Brides KitchenUltra cookware does a superior job of browning meats and locking in the natural flavors of vegetables and other foods. You can cook without any added oil or boiling in water and allow your food to cook completely. Your food retains its natural vitamins and minerals; your meats and vegetables get a simple but delicious flavor charge.


Your Brides Kitchen Ultra cookware collection offers the perfect cooking tools for your kitchen to prepare classic family meals and try new, emerging cooking techniques, such as healthy waterless–greaseless or induction-based cooking.


With a lifetime warranty, Brides Kitchen Ultra cookware means you will never have to buy replacements. You can start with a classic set of versatile pieces, such as a skillet, sauce pan, sauté pan, complemented by Brides Kitchen stainless steel bakeware and specialty cookware/accessory items. Simply add pieces as needed. Pick up a piece of our cookware to see and feel the quality and craftsmanship that lasts a lifetime.



Brides Kitchen Five Star Review

Brides Kitchen Reviews

Rachel Masters
3 months ago-
These guys are great! We got invited in to see a demonstration a couple of months ago and received some hotel accommodations for going that we just got done using in San Diego. What a blast, San Diego is my second home, we try to go as much as possible.

They also have some really good prices, we went to a demonstration in Del Mar and Brides Kitchen's pots and pans were twice as good and half the price. The other thing I like about them is that they are not pushy at all.
L, Cambridge
3 months ago-
Bride’s-Kitchen, how I love thee.... Rather than counting the ways, I can say it all in one sentence – it was their products that got me really starting to cook. If you knew me from before, you'd know how amazing that is.
Everyone has a vice and I think mine is now Brides Kitchen. It started off innocent enough. I went in to browse when I was at the Ivy Place shopping center and ended up walking out with a fully forged cutlery set.

From the cutlery to the cookware to the salad machine that I use every day because it cuts the time in half. I picked up there amazing bakeware that has the highest quality cake pans, pans and cookie sheets that I’ve seen anywhere!

Also - they usually have great sales!
Tom Spree
3 months ago-
We first started buying products from Brides Kitchen about five years ago when we were invited in to a demonstration that turned out to be really entertaining. We almost bought one of their cheaper sets of pots and pans but decided to go with one of the high end waterless sets.

From the very beginning we were amazed how the food turned out, vegetables come out with an incredible taste and the meat comes out super juicy. We also love how the cookware cleans up, really nice.

Because of the sensor it’s kind of hard to burn something but, one of the few times I did I just put hot water in it for about 5-10 minutes and it cleaned right up with a scotch bright pad.

Last year we bought one of their higher end cutlery set and I can’t believe how long I went having junk knives. Boy does it make a difference when you have high end ones.
  • Ryan F.

    I first purchased their Ultra cookware sets about 7 years ago when I first got married. Then when we were getting divorced (thank God) it was one of the main things that we were fighting over, who got to keep it.  The funny thing is my fiance at the time didn't even want to buy it and I didn't even want to go see their demonstration. It was the combination of the hotel accommodations they gave us (which we used to go to Las Vegas) and the fact that we had been looking for some good cooking pans and some good knifes. SHE wanted one of their less expensive sets.   But we had been looking for some higher end cookware a couple of weeks before at another high end cookware store and we decided (with much coercion on my part) even as expensive as the Ultra set was it was still a lot less than some of the higher end sets at some of these other stores.

    I had grown up with a set of waterless cookware that my mom bought before I was ever born and had been spoiled using it my whole life. The Ultra line had so many advances over my mom's set (she was so jealous) that I was probably drooling at the mouth through the whole demonstration. It was made up of seven layers of metal; I think my mom's is three? Maybe five, and came with a whistle to tell you when to turn the heat down.

    So when we were getting divorced my wife claimed (by pulling a tantrum) that she need the cookware especially because it has that whistle so you don't forget your cooking. I remarked that it didn't seem to help her when she got some food started then took off shopping!  This gave me much experience cleaning BURNT food out of the pan (funny how I had to clean HER burnt food) and found letting them soak for 5-10 minutes in hot water, pretty much anything will clean out with a scotch bright pad. She said that happened only one time (more like 10) and I could take the entire living room set (I made her throw in the IPad).

    So I came out ahead on that deal, about a year ago my new fiance (who doesn't leave the house once she gets the food started), and I went for another demonstration and got their new set that is now a 9 layer set and has removable handles which I love for the dishwasher. Make it so much easier to get the big pans to fit in. So, yes they are a little expensive but no more the other high quality pans that are out there.


Jana m. G.
First to Review

I love these guys, I got a set of their cookware and cutlery and I cannot believe how good the food comes out in it. The chicken come out so tender and juicy that it is amazing, the carrots, corn and potatoes I cook up have the same raw great taste that you normally loose when you cook food. People actually think I'm an amazing cook now!  

They also clean up real easy, make sure that you wash them with soap and water and vinegar when you first get them or they won't be as easy in the beginning. I forgot to do that on one of our pans and got a goldish build up that made it hard to clean until I got that off. But, I check and found if you use Cameo or Barkeepers friend it takes that off, I'll pour some in the pan, use a paper towel with a little bit of water and rub it right off! After I used that, that pan was fine too. The knives are incredible; they cut through everything like your cutting through butter. Love them! I am a true believer!


Brett T.
  • Brett T.
  • Salt Lake City, UT

OK, I originally found out about Kitchen Nutrition about a year ago when they gave me a 3 day 2 night deal for coming in and checking them out. That was great by the way, used it to go to San Diego.

Then a few months ago I picked up one of their sets. Food comes out amazing. I did however forget to clean them like I was told when I first got them with soap and vinegar and had a couple of them turn gold on me and everything was sticking.  So, I got some of that Bar Keepers Friend and got that all clean off. So, now they cook and clean great.

The chicken comes out so juicy I can't believe it. Great way to get that protein you need when your working out

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