Brides Kitchen Fine China

Brides Kitchen Salt Lake City has both ivory glazed and white porcelain.

Each piece has been carefully hand-crafted and decorated to achieve a timeless balance between function and artistry. Together they give you an investment you can enjoy as much for its beauty as for its value - today and forever.

Ebony Plat 109k
Classic Crop
Classic Crop
Moon Shadow Gray

Understanding quality in the Brides Kitchen Celebrity Porcelain and Ivory fine China


Bride Kitchen has two types of China: Porcelain and Ivory. And porcelain is the highest, most precious, most highly organized expression of the potter's art.


At Bride Kitchen the art of making our glazed fine china begins with the science of high quality china production

Fine China Collection

Ebony D’or Gold

Combining the natural beauty of black, outlined in gold, on the richness of Brides Kitchen Celebrity ivory body insures that Ebony D’or will enhance any occasion.

Elizabeth Ivory Glaze

Soft, famine, enchanting. Elizabeth brings you a bouquet of miniature blooms: in muted and creams. A romantic way to bring a whisper of spring to your table.

Florence Platinum

Grace and timeless beauty of every dining occasion is assured with triple platinum banding on the richness of Brides Kitchen Celebrity ivory glaze fine china.


Marie Ivory Glaze

Inspired by the search for timeless beauty that will endure for generations. By combining special colors, designs and shapes we created this lovely pattern.

Florence Gold

Grace and timeless beauty for every dining occasion is assured with triple gold banding on the richness of Brides Kitchen Celebrity ivory fine china.

Duet White Fine China

Gold and platinum, the world’s two most precious metals, encircle Brides Kitchen Celebrity beautiful white china, creating a lasting pattern you will always treasure.


Casual China: All - White Porcelain

White Rose

The beauty, durability, and versatility of Brides Kitchen Celebrity all-white porcelain insures a timeless table setting for your home. Oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe.