Welcome to the Brides Kitchen/ Celebrity China & Cookware family.  We are so glad you chose to include us in your plans to start your married life together.  As your order is being processed and shipped to you ASAP, we invite you to check out some videos we put together on You Tube on the care and use of your new Vita Craft Ultra cookware.  We also have some on common recipes and dishes we like to make in our homes.  Below, you will find the link and a QR code you can use with your smart phone to take you to each video.

From the Celebrity China & Cookware family to yours, thank you and enjoy!

Use and Care:                                                 Recipes:

  1. Unpacking:                                             7. Chicken & Veggies:
    https://youtu.be/GTYcXlbvu9c                        https://youtu.be/OeZQgdFqGEQ
  2. First Cleaning:                                        8. Tilapia:                   
    https://youtu.be/f8GcR3rgoCU                       https://youtu.be/I8xd_47t5rk
  3. Storage:                                                  9. Salmon:
    https://youtu.be/5azanl8DoSg                        https://youtu.be/TqOuUeGCkRk
  4. Vita Vent:                                               10. Hash browns:                   
    https://youtu.be/HyFMRoXSLQ8                    https://youtu.be/jcP57ISSTkU
  5. Stack Cooking:                                       11. Pineapple Upside-down cake:
    https://youtu.be/InrmE8d58bU                      https://youtu.be/lPoc9StaUgc
  6. Cleaning burnt on foods:                     12. Lasagna:               
    https://youtu.be/LCjBJcBQxns                        https://youtu.be/UBq45mRuJTY

1. Unpacking: 

Unpacking your New Cookware

2. First Cleaning

How to clean your new cookware for the first time

3. Storage

How to Store your Cookware

4. Vita Vent:

How to cook using the Vita Vent

5. Start Cooking

How to do Stack Cooking

6. Cleaning burnt on foods:

How to clean up a screw up